To my knowledge, cleansing waters are somewhat new to the beauty market. Basically, they are just a fancier term for “makeup remover.” They aren’t intended to replace your cleanser; it’s just a good way to take off the day. Don’t get me wrong, some are far superior than others, and they’re worth having in your skincare routine. So, today, I’m going to compare the top three cleansing waters currently hyped in the beauty blogosphere. There’s one up-and-comer that’s new to the market, and we will address that one too. For the most part, these are great for any skin type, including sensitive skin.

First, you should know that many of these are called “micellar” or “micellaire” waters because of the micelle molecule. It’s an aggregate of molecules that, when in a water-based solution, behaves more like an oil than a water molecule. So, what does that mean in skincare? It basically means that these waters absorb the makeup on your skin rather then smearing it off onto that cotton pad. How cool is that little bit of science? Who wants to rub their makeup off? I don’t.


Available at Sephora.
Available at Sephora.

Caudalie is a French skincare company with a very fascinating story! All of their products are derived from grapevines and grape seeds, which produce some of the world’s foremost skincare ingredients like Reservatrol. Interesting fact: Caudalie was one of the leading companies to remove parabens from their all of their products in 2006.

I absolutely love that this smells of chamomile; it’s not too fragrant, but it smells fresh and calming. I love keeping a small one in my everyday makeup bag for touch-ups or to clean mess-ups, and due to its size, it’s the one I usually travel with. It removes face makeup just fine, but is not great at removing eye makeup. Nonetheless, I have emptied several of these over the last year, and have more to say about them here and here.


Available at Prices vary based on sizes.
Available at Prices vary based on sizes.

Bioderma is a French company founded on the biology of dermatology. All of their products are formulated with a pharmaceutical, medical, and cosmetic approach. The Bioderma Crealine H20 Solution Micellaire removes ALL makeup including eyemakeup. It’s gentle, good for sensitive skin, and does not have a fragrance. It removes eye makeup far easier and gentler than the Caudalie, and has considerably less fragrance than the Caudalie. It is super smooth on the skin and leaves it feeling fesh.


Available at Sephora.
Available at Sephora.

Koh Gen Do is a Japanese company that began because an actress wanted to create products to care for her over-stressed skin. They do not test on animals and use plant-based ingredients for their products. This cleansing water, is so lovely! It smells lightly of lavender, rosemary, sage, and ginger root. I feel like this one takes off eye makeup the best due to the oils in the formula. It feels a tad softer on the skin, and leaves my face feeling like it just took its first breath. I have recently been traveling, and I opted for this one over the Caudalie (with which I usually travel), and am nearly out as you can tell from the photo.


This one is getting a lot of hype right now from the blogosphere, and many are saying that it is better than Bioderma. I have tried it in a sample size, and found that it is on par with Bioderma but can sting sensitive eyes. I’ll try it again soon and update this post to see if my thoughts have changed.

Have you tried any of these? Which is your favorite? Are there other ones out there that I should try? Let me know in the comments!

Stay Glittery, Beauties!



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