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Welcome back to the third part of the empties series — haircare! This will be short and sweet, as for some reason I don’t have many this go round. So, let’s dive right in.

Herbal Essences Chamomile Shampoo, Shine Collection

Herbal Essences Shine Collection - Chamomile. $3.99, available at drugstores
Herbal Essences Shine Collection – Chamomile. $3.99, available at drugstores

Let’s all say it together, “I used that shampoo in junior high!” Me too! And honestly, it’s been a shampoo staple of mine since I was 13. Let me digress for just a second here and say who finishes a shampoo and conditioner at the same time? I always finish a shampoo first. Let me know in the comments what you finish first. I’m super interested to know!!

Ok, let’s get back to it.This line is available in two varieties — the Smooth Collection, which smells of rose, and the Shine Collection, featured here, which smells of sweet fresh chamomile. It lathers nicely and leaves my hair looking super shiny and extremely soft. I have tried a lot of high end shampoos, but I always go back to this one. It contains chamomile, aloe vera, and passion flower extracts, and does not contain silicone. (There’s a great debate about silicones, and whether they are good or bad, but generally they are said to be harmful because they coat the hair shaft so real nutrients cannot penetrate the hair. On the other hand, the position exists that some water soluble silicones are permissible because they can be washed away with water.) So, I won’t get into the silicone debate here, but this shampoo is silicone free and leaves my hair super shiny. With that said, if silicones are said to make your hair shiny, then this product does it without them, so there’s something to be said for that. And, at $3.99/bottle, that’s a hell of a deal for some kick ass shampoo that smells like a beautiful garden.

Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray Volumizing Spray Gel

Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray Volume Building Spray Gel. $8.99 on sale right now at Ulta

This is one of my all time favorite products for building volume. It’s a spray gel you use when your hair is damp, and for someone with fine limp hair, this product is pure gold. It was featured in my last hair care empties post because I believe I’m on my third bottle now. I love how it sprays a nice fine even mist to evenly coat the hair. I find it works best when sprayed into the roots and massaged into the wet hair near the crown for added volume. You can find it at Ulta, and it’s on sale right now. It’s generally $20.99 for 5.1 oz, but the link provided has it for $8.99. Looks like I need to stock up! And so should you.


Battle of the Leave Ins
It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Product ($36), available at drugstores vs. Miracle 7 Leave in Mist ($22.79), available at Sally Beauty Supply

I decided to put these two to the test — head to head like Monday Night Football. To complete this little experiment I used each of them for one week straight alternating weeks for nearly two months. Surprisingly, these lasted me a long time despite the fact that I sprayed it on every inch of my long hair, and I have a lot of hair that absorbs product like a very fluffy towel. Nonetheless, I believe you’ll be surprised by the results! In the left corner we have the super hyped It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Product and in the right corner we have the Miracle 7 Leave In Mist. Let’s compare the basics, and by basics I mean costs. It’s a 10! will run you $18.00 for 4.0 oz or $36.00 for 10.0 oz, whereas the Miracle 7 will run you $13.99 for 5.0 oz and $22.79 for 10.0 oz. So, on the larger size, we are working with a $14 disparity in price. Let’s see if it’s worth it.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Product

Its a 10
It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product. $18 (4 oz) or $36 (10 oz), available at drugstores and Ulta

This product has been super hyped and raved about by several foremost beauty bloggers over the last year, so, of course, I had to give it a go. This is a beautiful leave-in treatment. It’s a treatment used after showering on wet hair or as a styling product on dry hair to do a host of things:

  • detangle
  • condition
  • heat protectant
  • repair damaged hair
  • smooth and control frizz
  • stop hair breakage
  • create silkiness
  • enhance natural body
  • prevent split ends
  • seals and protect color

I don’t know that I can attest to seeing all of these results, but I did find it to be a great detangler, heat protectant, smoother, and it gave me great silky shiny hair.  Who can be upset about that? The spray isn’t as fine as I would like it, but it isn’t crap. Think of this one more like a drizzle than a mist. It smells lovely, and definitely does its job.

Miracle 7 Leave In Treatment

Miracle 7 Leave-In Mist $13.99 (5 oz) or $22.79 (10 oz), available at Sally Beauty Supply

I was in Sally Beauty Supply and the cashier recommended this to me, raved about it, and then handed me the sample. This is my second sample bottle I’ve used up, and I did a full review on it here. I love this product! Here’s what its claims are:

  • seal & protect color
  • repair dry damaged hair
  • stop hair breakage
  • prevent split ends
  • control frizz
  • add shine
  • detangle
  • enhance natural body

So, Miracle 7 claims to do the same thing as It’s a 10 The formulas are nearly identical, but the Miracle 7 contains only 17 ingredients, while the It’s a 10 contains 25. In looking at those ingredients, I realized that the It’s a 10 has keratin, keratin amino acids, and aloe leaf juice — some of those additional ingredients the Miracle 7 lacks. Based on ingredients, I would say the It’s a 10 performs better, but based on actual use, I preferred the Miracle 7. It felt lighter and less gunky in my hair. The spray of the Miracle 7 was finer and mistier (if that’s a word). They are very comparable products, so for the price difference ($14), I will continue to purchase the Miracle 7. But, if you have curly and/or super frizzy hair, you may want to go with the It’s a 10 because it contains keratin, which will help smooth curly/frizzy hair.

That sums it all up for the hair care empties! Hope you enjoyed this post! Makeup empties are coming next week! Stay tuned!

Stay Glittery!



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  1. Ok I have to try the Sebastian spray! I am ways finish my shampoo first too but my conditioner is a close second! I use it to shave!

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