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Photo Credit JessieCate Photography

In my Christmas stocking this year, Santa left me this little bottle of GooGone Wine Out. Challenge Accepted, Santa! So, I poured a glass of red wine on an Old Navy tank that was pretty much done. I didn’t care if it worked or not, because this thing is so stretched out, I was ready to throw it away.

The GooGone Wine Out directions state, “Apply directly to stain, allow to penetrate. Blot stain and let set for 5 minutes before laundering clothing. For carpet, place absorbent towel over treated area and apply pressure. For stubborn stains, repeat.”

Let me first say that I let this stain sit in for three days. I wanted to really test the product as if I hadn’t noticed the stain until a few days later. Because…life happens!

I did exactly as the directions stated, and here is the result:

1. Pour GooGone Wine Out directly on stain. I used nearly the whole 2 oz bottle on this stain. (But, at $1, who cares?!) Notice how it turns blue! I was not expecting that!

Photo Credit JessieCate Photography
Photo Credit JessieCate Photography

2. Let stain sit for 5 minutes.

Photo Credit JessieCate Photography
Photo Credit JessieCate Photography

3. Then, after setting for 5 minutes, I put it in the regular wash cycle on hot/cold with normal Target brand detergent. Here’s the result after laundering. I was surprised that the stain was gone, though not completely! You could still see the faint outline of the stain. Color me happy on this product!! We all made the bet that it would NOT work! They proved us wrong!

Photo Credit JessieCate Photography
Photo Credit JessieCate Photography

4. So, I decided to drop it into the wash again (on hot/cold) with 1 cup of bleach, and let it soak for 15 minutes before letting the washer run full cycle. Let me say that bleach alone will NOT remove a wine stain from light or white clothing! Plus, it’s not safe to use bleach on colors. I’ve tried many methods thus far, and I promise that bleach alone isn’t the answer. But, this process — GooGone + Bleach is a miracle worker. (*Note: we took the following photo in indoor lighting. There is no difference in the quality of the photo with respect to the stain as a result of the change in lighting.)

Photo Credit JessieCate Photography
Photo Credit JessieCate Photography

Given that I allowed this stain to set in well for three days, my bet would be that the GooGone Wine Out works very well on fresh stains. I’m amazed that it worked this well on a deep-set stain!! I will definitely use this again, as it is only $1 for 2 oz. It’s so much faster and easier than my previous method: toothbrush + hydrogen peroxide + baking soda = paste + scrub + launder + launder with bleach/color safe bleach (if possible) or repeat hydrogen peroxide paste scrub + launder. While my old method works, it looks like this will be the new standard because it is so much faster!

Thanks, GooGone Wine Out! Have any of you heard of this? Tried it? Share your favorite wine stain removal method in the comments! I’ll try them all!



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