It’s nearly Christmas, and every year LUSH brings out their seasonal Christmas line of foamy bath bombs, bubbly bubble bars, cocktail flavored shower gels and more! I am a huge fan of LUSH’s products, so I thought it would be fun to do a quick little run down on some of their Christmas bath bombs. And, I sneaked in one of my favorites from their year-round collection!

First, if you aren’t familiar with LUSH’s products, the bath bombs are the most fun to purchase and use! They are small to medium sized bath additives that smell fantastic and completely change the color of your bath! They fizz slowly as your bath fills up, changing colors, releasing fragrance, and even rose petals or lavender flowers! LUSH’s website states, “”The fresher they are, the fizzier they are. We also use generous helpings of essential oils to make our fragrances, so use them as soon as you’re in the mood.” And, the ones listed here are all vegan!

They’re all sold individually, and each is crazy affordable. LUSH also allows you to create your own little gift pouch or choose from any one of their pre-made gift bags for gift-giving for any season. Every time I give these as gifts, especially to my friends who are mothers of small children, they get rave reviews and even the kids get to sneak one every now and then.

So, here’s what I picked up last week.

ROSE QUEEN, $5.25 (available online and in-store)

Rose Queen bath bomb is a part of LUSH's year-round collection. $5.95/each
Rose Queen bath bomb is a part of LUSH’s year-round collection. $5.95/each

This one is my all-time favorite. It truly feels like a bath made for a queen. It’s super fragrant, and once fizzed out releases rose blossoms and petals. Oh, and it turns your bath water PINK. The fragrance of sweet rose gardens combined with the floating petals and blossoms makes this feel uuber luxurious, like a Kingdom is just outside your bathroom door awaiting your next move. Rose Queen contains rose oil, which in aromatherapy terms, is said to do the following:

  • aphrodesiac/romance enhancer
  • diminshed PMS symptoms
  • helps with menstruation cramps
  • antidepressant/decreases moodiness
  • antiviral
  • antiseptic
  • helps with asthma
  • can aid with insomnia

Seriously, those are all great reasons to try Rose Queen!

Dashing Santa, $5.25 (available seasonally online and in-store)

Dashing Santa Bath Bomb, available seasonally at LUSH. $5.25/each
Dashing Santa Bath Bomb, available seasonally at LUSH. $4.95/each

Isn’t he just so cute?! Dashing Santa is a part of the Christmas collection, and he literally races around the tub delivering all his goodies. His boots fizz quickly propelling him through your bath. This little Santa is all citrus-based with satsuma, mandarin, bergamot and orange absolute. His slight sparkle lights up your bathwater, too! Citrus oils in aromatherapy are known for the following:

  • energizing
  • serves as an antidepressant
  • helps relieve muscle spasms
  • clears up acne/skin issues
  • relaxation

Cinders, $4.95 (available seasonally online and in-store)

Cinders Bath Bomb, available seasonally. $4.95/each
Cinders Bath Bomb, available seasonally. $4.95/each

Cinders sounds similar to what you might expect  — a cozy night cuddled up to a crackling fire. When it fizzes, it sizzles a bit. Loaded with spicy cinnamon leaf and nourishing almond oil, it almost smells like a cold night in front of a fire but amped up in a luxurious way! It also contains Vitamin E for moisturizing skin. Cinnamon Leaf Oil is said to be a great respiratory aid! Who needs a fire when you have Cinders?

Golden Wonder, $6.95 (available seasonally online and in-store)

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, $6.95/each
Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, $6.95/each

I couldn’t resist this cute little bath bomb shaped like a present, which has a little bath gift inside, but I won’t spoil the surprise for you! It’s filled with sweet orange, lime, and cognac oils along with gardenia extract which brightens any mood. The gift that keeps on giving, these essential oils serve !to energize, aid in blood circulation, and acts like an antidepressant. This one turns your bathwater a beautiful shade of Caribbean water blue! And, since it’s so large, you can actually break it in half and use it twice!

Shoot for the Stars, $6.95 (available seasonally online and in-store)

Shoot for the Stars, $6.95/each
Shoot for the Stars, $6.95/each

This multi-colored bath bomb fizzes from blue to yellow to pink to purple, while casting a pretty silver shimmer as it turns your water the dark indigo of a clear starry night sky. It smells of warm honey and cramel with hints of citrus and bergamot. The silver shimmer leaves a sheen on the skin. With that said, if you hate shimmer anything, this is not the bath bomb for you because you’ll have to clean off the shimmer and clean out your tub. But ultimately, this bath bomb is perfect after a long work day as a great relaxant for sore muscles and super dry skin. This one will make you wish it was part of the year-round collection!

So, what Christmas Bath Bomb will you be picking up? And will it be a gift for a friend or for yourself?

Stay Glittery, Beauties!



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