I get asked a lot about what hair products I use. Let me begin by saying that I have fine, somewhat limp hair, but i do have a massive amount of this fine limp stuff on my head. I don’t dye my hair, and haven’t dyed it in nearly a decade so it’s very healthy and not dry at all. And when left to dry naturally, one side of my hair tends to be really wavy while the other just looks stringy and unkempt, and not in that good beachy way. But what I completely lack is volume, and I have a ton of problems with tangles because my hair is so long and I wear it up a great deal.

Miracle 7 Leave In Mist, $13.29 available at Sally Beauty Supply
Miracle 7 Leave In Mist, $13.29 available at Sally Beauty Supply

I recently received a sample of this Miracle 7 Leave-In Mist, and I love this stuff! It claims to detangle, stop hair breakage, prevent split ends, seal and protect color, control frizz, and add shine.

After using it for about a month, I can say that I feel like it lives up to most of its claims. I’m not certain about the hair breakage and split ends because that happens to me no matter what I do or what products I use! I was mainly looking for it to detangle, control frizz, and add shine, and it more than delivered on those claims!

This stuff smells great – fresh, and slightly fruity, without being sweet. The mist isn’t heavy or oily, and you almost don’t even know it’s there after you put it on.

The directions state to “Shampoo and condition hair, towel dry, spray product all over hair and comb through. Blow dry or style as desired.” I followed the directions exactly, and found that after blow drying my hair that it did leave my hair a little heavier. I would think that if you have thicker, less fine, more voluminous hair, this shouldn’t be an issue for you. However, I was able to straighten my hair (definitely not curl it, as it wouldn’t have held a curl), and it left my hair silky smooth, frizz free, and very shiny!

At $13.29/bottle (5 oz.), I will definitely be repurchasing this one!

What’s your favorite post shower hair product?

Stay Glittery!



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