Featured here in the color “Neptune Star” #115
Revlon DiamondLust Eyeshadow in Neptune Star #115
Revlon DiamondLust Eyeshadow in Neptune Star #115

I purchased this product because it was so beautiful in the packaging, and this midnight blue-almost-turquoise color is really on trend right now. The color was tempting me like a great bottle of wine at a very low cost. I caved (and I had a $3 off Revlon coupon, and Revlon was “buy one get one 50% off”). I like trying new products just because they look pretty, especially when it’s in a color I wouldn’t normally buy. I thought the turquoise-blue color would complement the gold in my eyes really well on a fancy night out because blue and gold do very well as complimentary colors.

Revlon Diamond Lust Neptune Star #115
Revlon Diamond Lust Neptune Star #115

The packaging is simple, sleek, sturdy, and pretty. It comes with a sponge eye shadow applicator (which I always save for later to use dipped in eye makeup remover to fix mishaps and shape my winged liquid liner).



First Swatch looks promising.
First Swatch looks promising.

Upon opening the package, I swatched the color. (Side Note: I really hate that you can’t swatch drugstore makeup in U.S. stores. It’s the bane of my drug store makeup shopping existence.) I immediately noticed that the formula was really talcum powdery. By that, I mean on first swatch, I got more smoky black than I did color. It took three swatches of intently dabbing the color in the same spot to see the color. This, I do not like. I’ve had this problem in the past with some NARS eye shadows (Night Porter, Night Watch, etc., which look lovely in the packaging, but when you put them on, they’re pretty much smoky black with a hint of color, but not enough of a hint to make a difference.) I knew at that moment, that this wouldn’t bode well. But, I gave it a fair shot, and put it on. The same thing happened on my eyes as with the swatch. All smoky black no color.


Second swatch. I was getting bummed about it at this point.
Second swatch. I was getting bummed about it at this point.

I used my Sephora Domed Crease Brush (which is discuss in my Brush Crash Course here)  because it’s a brush that can load a dense amount of product in a small space. Still, NOTHING but smoky black! I literally applied 4 coats in small domed spots, as the brush would allow, all over my lid. I then tried to blend out the edges near the crease. Blending, not a chance! This eye shadow is taunting me!!!!!!! Blending? No ma’am. You’ll get black smoky color in the crease and a massive amount of “diamond” (aka glitter) color on the eye. Another drawback, FALLOUT!!! If you decide to use this product, don’t put on your foundation or concealer first! There’s so much fallout onto the face that you’ll end up looking like your favorite sibling (or enemy) gave you a lovely black eye. The day after I tried this, I still had glitter remnants on my eyes and my brushes, despite washing both!

Applied Swatch (bottom) Blended Swatch (top)
Applied Swatch (bottom)
Blended Swatch (top)

At the end of the day I’ll be returning this one (you can return to CVS with receipt). There are so many other drug store eye shadows that are far superior than this one. I love love love REVLON lip products (they are my drugstore fave!), but this particular eye shadow is a total fail for me. However, if you are looking for something like this for a costume party or specific look, then it may work for you.

Bottom Line: Don’t waste your money or your time looking at them. Move along.


Stay Glittery,

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