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Now that we’ve discussed how to construct the perfect cheese plate, it’s only natural to follow that up with the perfect wine and cheese pairings. First and foremost, wine and cheese pairings are always a personal preference, and I often play with different pairings just to see if I can find a better one than the last. With that said, be creative. For this post, I wanted to provide you with some general guidelines and a quick reference sheet for easy shopping. Feel free to print each of these charts, or choose the composite at the bottom to print all of them on one sheet.

Next, the general rule is that the bigger and stinkier the cheese, the bolder (and sometimes sweeter) the wine selection. On the other hand, the lighter the cheese, the lighter the wine. Nearly every single cheese pairs well with champagne, so if you are ever uncertain, that’s a great fall back plan.

Without any more chatter, let’s get started!

Melville Wine and Cheese
A demolished cheese plate my bestie and I devoured at Melville Winery in Santa Barbara, CA. We chose one of the Melville Chardonnays for this light-hearted cheese plate.


The Fresh Cheeses

This category encompasses the following cheeses: alouette, goat cheese (chevre), mozzarella, feta, burrata, etc. They are light and delicate, and as such, deserve a similar compliment. These fresh cheeses are quite versatile with pairings, so here is a quick reference guide for you. My favorite of these pairings is goat cheese with Chablis.

Fresh Cheese

The Soft-Ripened Cheeses

This category includes brie, camembert, triple creams, etc. The really yummy ones! These can range in flavor from buttery to nutty or earthy, so again, there’s a lot of versatility here in the pairings. Of these, my absolute favorite pairing is a triple creme with Provence Rose.

Soft Ripened Cheese

The Semi-Hard to Hard Cheese

This category includes gouda, cheddar, asiago, manchego, gruyere, etc. These have such a large range of flavor from soft and earthy to super hard and nutty. I love manchego with Alicante and/or Malbec!

Semi Hard Cheese

The Blue Cheeses

Blues always pair well with super sweet wines because they are a striking balance of powerfully sweet and powerfully strong (and sometimes stinky). I love a sweet wine with blue cheese because it really tastes like berries and cream on the palette, it’s that great of a pairing. Of these, I’d have to say my favorite is Danish Blue with late harvest Gewurztraminer.

Blue Cheese

I hope this has been helpful for you. If you want to print all of these in one document, see below.

Cheese Cheat Sheet Composite

Please let me know what your favorite pairing is! And if you try any on these sheets, please do tag me on instagram @BitterGlitterBlog or tweet me @_Bitter_Glitter!

Stay Glittery, Winos!




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